About Us

CuttleLab is a new brand for home products and kitchenware. It carries trendy products to help customers enjoy their home and kitchen. CuttleLab is also a fabulous place for discovering gifts for your loved ones.

About the Brand Name “CuttleLab”


The brand’s logo is a stylized cuttlefish, a popular seafood and often consumed as a delicacy. The animal is greatly admired for its adaptability to changing environments, and its ink and cuttlebone are valued by people around the world. Unusually, this animal has three hearts.


We like to think that, in the name of our brand, our approach reflects similar characteristics: adaptability to evolve unique products, the courage to lovingly develop superb designs, and the strength to create products that are as valued as the cuttlefish itself.


The stylized look of the logo hints at a home, and the tentacles, looking a little like hooks, reflect the homeware and kitchenware nature of our products.


“Lab”, of course, is an abbreviation for “laboratory”, a place for both pushing boundaries and experimenting.


CuttleLab - adaptability, care and value